Why we do it

We aim to empower teams and individuals to define their ambition, reach their objectives… and enjoy the ride.

YLC was born from our passion for change and our belief that you get the best results by combining a rigorous and ethical coaching posture to strong strategic business sense. Our touchstone is our strong belief in every organization’s potential to enrich and transform through inspired leadership, as well as in each individual’s capacity to choose and to craft his or her career into an exciting adventure.

YLC brings together an International Network of Senior Coaches to always bring you and your organization the best and most experienced talent for your leadership development needs. Coaches are present in the United States, Switzerland, France, Italie, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Coaching languages are English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. To address issues linked to COVID travelling regulations, YLC offers an wide range of digital solutions and online programs. YLC is also capable of assembling large teams of all-local coaches in Switzerland and in France in order to lead large leadership programs while limiting the risk and costs linked to international travel.

YLC provides Coaching to Executives to successfully face challenges such as: to reinforce their leadership, become more efficient, gain in assertiveness, balance their professional/personal life, build stronger relationships, better manage their team, deal with conflict in a constructive way, have a stronger impact when communicating with stakeholders or clients, become comfortable and truly powerful addressing a larger audience, or develop and communicate their strategic vision to decision makers.

YLC offers Coaching to Teams who aim to align their vision, work in a more efficient way, communicate better, and have more fun together.

YLC develops Leadership Development programs for organizations and business schools such as Leading from the Core, High Performing Teams, Everyday Coaching Skills for Managers, Communicate to Convince, Develop your Strategic Vision.

Finally, YLC provides Strategy Facilitation for management teams to define their vision and strategic plan, and align their organization to deliver on the strategic plan, as well as Change Management to align the organizational values, culture and practices to strategic objectives.

YLC has offices in Paris and Lausanne.