Strategy Facilitation

Strategy facilitation

Define your strategic vision and cascade it into a detailed action plan.

In an increasingly changing environment, business as usual just won’t cut it. Strong leadership starts with the ability to set a clear direction and engage others in your innovative vision.

Strategic planning is the process by which an executive team develops a strategy to drive significant value creation for shareholders, employees and customers from an 18-month to a 5-year horizon, and cascades it into short and medium term strategic challenges and action plans.

YLC supports you in driving your organization’s strategic planning process, giving you the ideal opportunity to demonstrate strategic vision and innovative thinking, and to pave the way for your management team.

YLC provide methodogy and draws on a unique combination of experience and skills to help you make this key process a success, one that will drive future value and create buy in among key participants and stakeholders, through:

  • Extensive experience working on strategy engagements with mid-size businesses to large blue-chip corporations,
  • In-depth knowledge of strategic frameworks, models and resources drawn from global best practice,
  • An array of facilitation skills to drive process efficiently, overcome resistance to change and foster innovation.

  • Identify key business issues and define workshop objectives with main sponsor
  • Align key stakeholders on objectives and generate commitment and buy in
  • Coordinate pre-work (idea generation, data gathering, market analysis, financial assessment of potential projects…)
  • Analyze current competitive situation
  • Develop strategic vision, mission and value statement
  • Generate strategic alternatives to meet key business objectives
  • Prioritize initiatives according to financial impact and feasibility to meet objectives
  • Cascade strategic plan into detailed action plans (assign responsibilities and deadlines, define KPIs and review processes…)
  • Fine-tune financial assessments in view of budget planning
  • Assess necessary organizational impact and required skills to develop

We had ideas, good ones, on how we could drive growth, but it was all bits and pieces here and there. The strategy workshop was really useful because it gave us a much clearer view of what we really wanted to do, how ambitious is was, and what we needed to put in place in order to achieve success within the next 3 years. I think the most useful part was how it helped us unite as a management team around the same vision, it was then much easier to convey that vision to the operational teams and to get people excited on a day-to-day basis about what we were aiming to achieve in the long run.