Team Coaching

Helping teams succeed. And have fun.



A strong team is much more than a combination of strong individuals.


Team performance is about building trust and acceptance, shared skills, common history and the desire to achieve something together.

Youbloom supports teams to define their common identity and find the best way of working together in order to unleash the energy that comes from truly engaging together.

Team coaching can help your team :

  • Improve team communication and decision making processes;
  • Increase team performance and accountability;
  • Create alignment and accelerate change;
  • Identify core team values and develop a team charter;
  • Encourage innovation.

We had a hard time functioning together as an executive team. We had lost sight of our common purpose. Ego issues and differences of style were also getting in the way. Team coaching has helped in redefining a common vision and aligning our way of functioning together in order to work towards it more efficiently. As individuals, I think many of us have also learned to understand how we can best contribute to the team and how to efficiently bring our skills and ideas forward.