Change Management

Change Management

Support your transformation by building an inspiring organization that strives for excellence and breeds talent.

YLC is built on the belief that, with strong strategic vision and structured methodology, organizations can develop and regenerate leadership and talent from within.

Building a performing and inspirational meritocracy requires working on multiple fronts and staying anchored in a long-term vision. Working with your management and HR team, YLC supports you in developing that vision, in accordance with your strategic plan, and in aligning your organization to breed the necessary leadership to implement that vision.

We support you in developing the talent you will need to sustain your organization’s growth and need for change.

YLC has experience consulting on engagements to help organizations :

  • define and anchor corporate values,
  • align organizational culture through a leadership model, competencies and behaviors,
  • increase accountability and performance,
  • support managers in engaging their team virtually,
  • build a client-centric organization,
  • promote gender balance and women leadership,
  • become a meritocratic organization,
  • develop a feedback culture.

YLC works with an international network of experts to always bring you and your organization the best and most experienced talent for your leadership needs. Coaches are present in the United States, Switzerland, France, Italie, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Coaching languages are English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

It became clear that given our ambitious strategy, we needed to look into how we could sustainably increase the quality of what we were delivering to our clients. One thing triggered another. Two years later, we had redesigned our training academy, realigned our evaluation system, put in place what it takes to attract and select better candidates. Our ambition had changed, Domitille helped us make sure our organization was ready to make it happen.