Leading from the Core

Leading from the Core

Be yourself, better, with style.

This Personal Leadership course aims to help good managers become inspiring leaders.


Participants will get a chance to step back and gain broader self-knowledge through a variety of tools and self assessments, as well as through self-reflection and group discussions. Participants will also explore their efficiency and inefficiency patterns, and identify ways to enhance their own performance. They will be empowered to start crafting their own personal leadership model, in harmony with their style and personal values and will design a detailed action plan to reach their goal.

After the course, each participant is offered a one-on-one coaching session to discuss his or her MBTI profile and personal challenges.

Who should attend?

All high potentials who wish to take on higher management responsibilities or simply be more inspired (and inspiring) in their career.

Why participate in this course?

  • Have better insight into your own leadership model;
  • Identify where your main leadership strengths and challenges lie and how to work on them.
  • Identify your core values and understand how to lead with them
  • Understand how to work with others in a more assertive and positive way;
  • Create your personal leadership development plan;

What will we be exploring?

  • Identifying and modelling leadership
  • Assessing yourself with the Leadership Diamond : Vision, Belonging, Trust, and Attractiveness
  • Identifying your values and moments of truths, and how to lead from the core
  • Understanding how you perceive the world and your preferences for interacting with others – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire
  • The Path to Proactivity : letting go of victimization and owning up to how much you can do and be
  • High energy: how to generate it, how to use it
  • Discovering the power of Assertiveness : a real yes, and a clear no
  • Polishing time management skills: forget the checklists, focus on what’s important
  • Developing the vision you want to communicate to others
  • Designing your personal mission statement and action plan


This course has been an eye opener. I have discovered a lot about myself and about what I really want. I realize there is actually little stopping me from succeeding. Thanks to the confidence and support level of the group I was able to explore new possibilities. I’m excited. I feel great.