Women Leadership

Unleashing the Power of Women leadership

Women matter. Half the market, half the talent pool, delivering better performance.

YLC supports your organization in achieving a high return investment: breeding strong women leadership to build a strong sustainable gender balanced business.

Women Leadership Academy

Women leadership programs are an opportunity for strong personal development, networking and celebrating the richness of gender complementarity. By offering training leadership programs especially tailored for women, your organization contributes to supporting women in desiring and believing in their success and in empowering women to craftfully and innovatively find their own career paths to leadership positions.

YLC designs and delivers women leadership programs aimed at developing key leadership skills such as assertiveness, clear communication, and comfort with power, as well as strengthening the transformational skills women contribute to the workplace such as natural collaboration, the desire to develop others, creativity and leading by example.

Coaching high potential women

By identifying high potential women early and supporting their development through one-on-one coaching, your organization significantly increases the chances these high potentials will continue to grow within the organization and help others grow around them.

YLC provides coaching to women who want to transform their career into a fulfilling and inspiring success story, for themselves, their organizations and others around them.

Gender balance consulting

Visionary organizations understand gender balance is a strategic imperative  that unlocks the key to breeding stronger leadership, capturing the best talents and fully cashing in on a market no company can afford to ignore.

At YLC we are passionate about helping organizations reach gender balance at all stages of the pyramid, all the way to the executive committee, in order to create an inspirational and meritocratic environment, delivering better and more sustainable bottom line performance. We help you in assessing your current situation, building the strategy and putting in place short, medium and long-term actions towards reaching a strong and sustainable gender balanced business.

Create a network of strong women leaders in your organization capable of exemplifying the quest for high performance through enhanced energy, drive, engagement, confidence, creativity, passion, professionalism, courage, vision, focus on sustainable growth and ethics, as well as the desire to develop others through mentoring, coaching, networking, building trust, and encouraging assertiveness, tolerance, impact, and generosity.