Anners Abild

Anners Abild

Anners is a business and organisational psychologist based in Aalborg, Denmark. Over the past decades he has firmly established his international career working with global and multinational organisations throughout the world. The last few years concentrating on senior executive and key talent development, using both facilitative skills and assessment as well as coaching on group and individual levels. 

He is a firm believer in long term and mutually constructive commitments with individual as well as organisational clients, several of which have been for up to a decade. He has developed a unique leadership development program for the Indian conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra and has been engaged with this organization for more than five years.

Similar work, supporting strategies, assessing and developing leaders, has been done in fast growth organizations. Here the work would include helping leaders perform above and beyond their present competency levels in high-pressure environments. These have lead to extensive work in east and central Europe as well as in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. 

With more than two decades of international experience, he has participated in the development of well above 5000 leaders, whether as coach, facilitator, assessor, tutor or program lead. 

He is associated to executive programs at Mannaz, IMD, DUKE and Harvard Executive Education. 

On a personal level, Anners takes pride in combining and translating academic knowledge into pragmatic tools and understanding. He is a firm advocate of the idea that any human discipline originates in practice and not theory and in using his own leadership experiences as a point of reference, he often builds very robust and respectful relationships with clients and participants, with a focus on application rather than theory.